Death of Two Sons (2006)

Director: Micah Schaffer
Producer: Alrick Brown

Death of Two Sons (64 minutes) weaves the stories of Amadou Diallo, the West African immigrant shot 41 times by four New York City police officers in 1999, and Jesse Thyne, an American Peace Corps volunteer who lived with Amadou's family in his home village in Guinea. Jesse himself died in Guinea less than a year after the Diallo shooting. This film explores the political, personal, and spiritual implications of their lives and deaths.

Death of Two Sons was co-sponsored by HBO and the Harvard University Department of African-American Studies, aired on the WNET/PBS series, Reel New York, and showed at numerous film festivals across the country.

Death of Two Sons  is available on Netflix.

Winner, HBO's "Life Through Your Lens" Award

“...Moving...Stunningly shot...never allows the exposition to overwhelm the visual aspects of the storytelling...”
-Variety Magazine

”Remarkable... winds the threads of these lives together in fascinating, complicated, and exhilarating ways.”
- Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.