Chiefs (2002)

Director: Daniel Junge
Producers: Donna Dewey & Henry Ansbacher

Filmed over the course of two years, Chiefs (87 minutes) chronicles the lives of high school basketball players on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming as they navigate poverty, racism, addiction, joblessness and cultural identity. While the odds are stacked against these kids, camaraderie and community flame their passions for a great game of ball and show how spirit can triumph over adversity.

Funded by ITVS, Chiefs aired nationally on the PBS series, Independent Lens.

Chiefs  is available on Netflix.

Winner: Best Documentary, Tribeca Film Festival

Chiefs wears its heart on its basketball jersey.”
- New York Times

“A riveting documentary.”
- Sports Illustrated

” exquisite gem that will resonate long after the credits roll.”
- The Denver Post