900 Women (2000)

Director: Laleh Khadivi
Producer: Jonathan Stack

Located in the southern swamps of Louisiana, the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women (or “St. Gabriel”) was built in 1977 to house the increasing number of female inmates incarcerated at Angola. 900 Women (78 minutes) is a sensitive portrait of life in this deceptively peaceful atmosphere, which is filled with stories of life on the streets, abuse, freedom, childbirth and motherhood. Six women - a grandmother, a young high school student, a pregnant woman, a recovering heroin addict, a prison guard, and the only woman on death row - share their frustrations and hopes.

Produced by Gabriel Films for A&E and Channel Four, 900 Women also premiered at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival and is distributed by Women Make Movies.

900 Women is available on Netflix.

“An extremely subtle film about the American system of justice.”
- Amy Taubin, The Village Voice